Make your lash

Make me the drop in your ocean Of flowing rage and fierce I’d choose passion over fault Make your lash my default   The storms always lead to a calm But quite waters hide the path To the burning taste of Merciless writhe of want Of desire and love.   Advertisements

May we find the will to sustain To give and be hope To forgive and to let blame Find its own retreat towards trodden mouths, Blaming mouths, shaming mouths   May we find the courage to love To realize distinction, to understand worth Not of those that are easy and everywhere But those that are…

Soul Lover

My Almighty My strength, my reason, my claim My deity. Not in spirit, but in flesh In him I reach, in him I beseech dear Gods, “Halt invisible praise, unknown faith”, When infinity is in your trace, Searching, comforting, breathing You. Why chase uncertain universes When He engulfs you with human graces.