Ready, Steady…. Go!

Beautiful!! Way to go girl! ❤


Life is a race. That is an unquestionable fact that has been a part of the very evolution of our species. Survival of the fittest. Or, should I say, survival of the fastest.

As a child, I absolutely loved the idea of races. When my family would travel long-distances by road, it was always my father in the driver’s seat, my mother in the shotgun, with my little sister and I in the back singing at the top of our voices without a care in the world. But as night fell and the long rows of yellow lights would light up on the highways, our impromptu concerts would give way to something more exciting – the thrilling race of being the first vehicle on the whole highway!

We would hang onto the backs of our parents’ seats, peering over their shoulders at the gleaming headlights of other vehicles on the…

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