If it wasn’t for her

Your life would have sufficed 

Itself among the unseen


If it wasn’t for her

You’d never witness 

Your soul’s eternal reason


If it wasn’t for her 

You would doubt 

If existence was ever true


And if it wasn’t for her

You wouldn’t be living

In the moment your breath 

Is counting on


When she is the 

Utmost cause for 

Life on planet earth

She also is the Target

Aimed by every unworth

The ones who don’t

Realize that the world 

Even attempts to function,

Believing in her existence.

And yet such pathetic




Release their unwanted 



Power, over something 

That indeed created them.

If humans claim to possess souls, then I highly doubt it because the soul never teaches the mind to damage another soul. Animals have calmer much more sensible entities than us , few humans.

 This poem is to awaken all those who look at the feminine side of the story as powerless.

As a matter of freedom to express thought, it is terribly disappointing to have a world where we have to think not twice but thrice indeed to cover ourselves with the clothes of our choice, to live life the way we want it and to do the things our souls guide us to do. And when I mention WE, it is the few of us,  women, who have to fear for their lives, who have no right to say what they feel, who have no authority leave alone others, not even over their own selves. I’m grateful that I’ve lived up to this day to share something like this with the world. 

It’s bitterly shocking and terribly saddening that today, around our own homes, in a few places here and there, a woman’s existence is not counted and not even respected! It has some to such a stand that people are just ready to carry a woman against her will and dignity and do what their filthy thoughts strengthen them to do, and when I say carry I literally mean the actual, physical carrying! Sad isn’t it.

It has had a risky,emotional factor in the minds of every woman’s beloved to have her live the way she wants to because you never know! She maybe raped and left to bleed in public having millions to just stand there and watch and not one HUMAN to reach out!

The world is at times not only a horrible place to live in but also a frightening one. 


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