Pay back

It’s ok to be thrown down, For you know you will rise. It’s ok to be denied your crown, For you will be blessed with twice. If life has to shatter you With the cruelest, Then destiny will reward you With the best. Let the scars and pain Be the mark of your immortal strength….


I may not be there to witness  Your reality,  I may be bound by the brokenness  To alert my piety, At the end all my soul requires  Is peace to it and it’s past  Wishing ahead from the pyres  Hoping to demerit the one not to last. 


Pure insanity To witness When life turns out a liability For all the miracles to caress. Without the bruise, The reassured strength is never fathomed. To own, with nothing to lose Remains hollow yet dethroned. As destiny lures us ahead, Leaves behind the invincibility, To grab us to the dead Impeding the immutability. Run far,…

Wake up!

Precious little soul, This too will pass. Just hold onto your whole.   Violent delusions. Breezy truths. Ripping each of the visions.   Awaiting in a million minds, Unflinching every fear. Trusting deliberately to those blinds Withholding every tear.   Let your hope burst  If that’s what makes you stronger Live for your heart first…


If it wasn’t for her Your life would have sufficed  Itself among the unseen   If it wasn’t for her You’d never witness  Your soul’s eternal reason   If it wasn’t for her  You would doubt  If existence was ever true   And if it wasn’t for her You wouldn’t be living In the moment…