One Day

Beautiful! it’s all worth it at the end! Way to go bro!:)



Two hearts..
A million miles apart

He was everything she ever longed for
Everything she needed, everything she wished for

He showed her a side, that no one else knew
She knew she was special, one of the few

He was always there, though miles apart
In all her joys and sorrows he’d always take part

He made her feel a way she never did
No one else could, they could never outbid

“Let it go” everyone said but they never understood
It didn’t matter to them, it never would

They had long talks on whether it was all worth it
She knew it was, she knew she would never regret it

Patience they knew was the only way
Once they meet again it would all be okay

That’s the hope they held on to and still do
They were strong enough, they would make it through

“One day”,he said,

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