He happened.

He was beautiful

Death be the remedy

For denial

He was complete

So whole, he had me


He was patient

Everything could wait

For reality to happen

He was tolerant

Of all the tantrums

Not the grief

He was pure

Only needed clear sight

To witness the magic

He was himself

None to compare

All unlike

He was gorgeous

In his little ways

Yet had me in a deluge

He was aggressive

Not for things around,

For helplessness over them

He was brave

Enough to space out

All knowing it would break him

He was humble

Enough to make his ground

Yet stand strong

He was reserved

When it revolved

Around his loved

He stood still

For he knew, if he moved

It would hurt

He was a miracle

Impeccably heavenly

He was a feeling, impossibly explainable

He was an entity, imbibing my existence

He was bliss

He was mine.


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