She was alone

She didn’t mind

She knew she had him

All the time

The world mocked her

The world called her cheap

The world didn’t matter

For he was her gold heap

Stabbed brutally several times

The same soul with a million knives

She lost faith in everything around

She had him and they were bound

Talk but never trust

See but never judge

Life’s biggest lessons ever learnt

Strengthened her, though had her burnt

Burnt but not ash

Hurt but not a lash

She was strong, she knew it

With him around, she faced every bit

Life turns ugly

Life turns dark

Deepest wounds fade, leaving a mark

Marks of strength, marks unseen

Soon would be wiped out, clear and clean

She cared no bit 

Of what it was

This was not it

and it would pass

He was her rock

That’s all that mattered

Lent a deaf ear to the world’s talk

Though they had her shattered

Shattered in trust 

Shattered in belief

Turned her to dust

But soon rose in relief

Trust no one 

For all are wolves

Never leaving you undone

Nor beating around the blues

She shed her tears

She shed her time

Uncovering her fears

Conquering them in due sublime


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