Never felt the way you made me feel before

I was secure, and knew that, this was it.

I recognized myself as a better person

Until you shattered my every bit.

I shut my eyes and woke them up

Having you before me

I found all my broken pieces

Flawless and perfect as it can ever be

I could never be touched with you around

I held your hand, and could breathe happy air

I felt that finally, there’s someone who deserved my love

Just to realize, you didn’t care

I can move on

I can get over it

But, that doesn’t leave you unaffected

I’ll make you pay up, for treating me like shit

If you never wanted a certainty

Why did you ever get us into all of this?!

When, all you ever think about is YOU

Why did you fake that kiss!!

I’m a fighter, and can fight the world

For anything I really need!

If something plain and simple can’t be withstood

All you can ever do is, stand and watch me bleed!!!

Words matter to me

You have used them completely wrong

You have hurt me

Making promises that can never last long!

Never, be it my wildest dreams

Did I expect this from you

You have me shattered

I’ll make sure you go through it too!!!!!


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