The Dark Hungry Mouth

“Omg! dude that looks creeepy… I wonder what it is? more over who lives in there??” I exclamated. “Ha!! you really creeped out looking at this piece? Someone once said you need to be brave enough to explore” Dex insulted me. Now Dex and I were standing in front of this breathtaking  entrance to something that seemed very unusual. It was dark, framed by a huge tree, it looked like a hungry mouth rather.

“I think we should go now, it’s getting darker, I need to head home!!”. “Well, I think we should camp in this place it looks pretty cool to me”. “Uh.. ok guess that would be fun, anyways it’s been a while since I had some nice ass kickin’ adventure”. So we decided to go further into the woods and get some firewood for the freaky night we were going to witness.

It was peaceful, cracking old school jokes, talking about our times at school, until Dex dozed off. I couldn’t sleep one bit. I looked at that dark mouth again, it looked like it was about to gobble me whole. Just when we needed some more firewood, I saw something glistening purplish blue. I was amazed . I went a little closer, not to miss something, wanting to be revealed . I saw an orchid lying at the entrance, well I love orchids, so I picked it up and continued walking forth. The orchid led my path in. It was some kind of an ancient place, apparently where dogs were worshiped.

I saw paw printed tablets hung on the mould infested walls of that dark cave. I came across ancient kings along with their faithful friends, in that majestic sight, I sighed. Oh no! Dex is still out there. I began scooting my way out, but my eyes deceived me, I couldn’t see the entrance though it had only been a few seconds that I entered. So I decided, maybe I’d see him at the exit, hopefully.

I could hear choirs singing, but failed to understand what language they were singing in. I moved closer, where I found an astonishing choir of nearly two thousand dogs, singing with joy, as a tribute to their masters. I was welcomed in by a handsome grey hound, whose badge said “Reiko, if found please contact., 687###095” I was awestruck.

Now, I really had to go and tell Dex what exactly was happening! I needed to know the way out, desperately. Seeing my anxiety, an elderly St. Bernard came my way, in all her mightiness. She first placed her head at my feet, asking me to pat her, and then led me through the crowd. I walked, she walked beside me. No sooner I could see the light. I realized I had been here all night! I looked back, she looked relieved, that I found my way out. I thanked her, she licked me all over.

I ran out to see if Dex was there , panicking, looking for me. And there he was, the same way as I left him last night. Oh Dex!! such an old blob, who hadn’t moved an inch, drooling, maybe having one of his best dreams. I kicked him up, and he woke with a fright, “Oh my gosh! what just happened!! why did you do that, man?!. I explained all that I had gone through in the past seven hours, he could not believe a word. I showed him the orchid I found on the way. He began whining, “Dammit!! why wasn’t I there!, why did I have to be the one sleeping!!”.

I told him to relax, no point in cribbing now. “So I wonder what this orchid is all about” said I. “I don’t know, maybe to just keep in your vase, with loads of water”. “Wow Dex, you’re a genius, never thought about it”. (grins)”Yeah I sure am!, wait, are you throwing your disgusting sarcasm at me?!” . “Let’s just walk home, kinda gettin’ late”. We walked up the woods and finally onto the streets. It was a relief when I saw that familiar red tiled roof. Dex ran away to the next alley, I ran home. Mom was terrified when she saw me. “Oh baby! where have you been, you got me all worried” . Now I was extremely close to my mum, “It’s a long story mum, can I first freshen up, I promise to tell you all that I saw, you’ll freak out,bet ya!”

I ran up to my room looked for that old fish bowl, filled it up and placed the orchid in it. Mocking at Dex’s wit. I had a nice hot shower, and went down for some smokin’ bacon and eggs. I told mom all that had happened, how me and Dex found that dark hungry mouth, how Dex snoozed away to glory, about the doggy choir, just then Betty came running licking and sniffing me all over. I told her too about that doggy place, she jumped around with crazy amount of excitement. I took mum upstairs to precise her about the orchid, Betty came along too. We entered and there she was, a twin of the same kind, purplish blue, growing from within the original. Now I realized, maybe it is some kind of an eternal flower, indicating a dog’s loyalty, love, compassion, faithfulness towards it’s owners. I had tears rolling down.

A month later there were orchids growing wild yet calm out of the bowl onto my table. I then blogged this unbelievable experience, yet watching that symbol of purity grow.


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