Well, the word “Angels” over here might seem a little bizzare, but it refers to this set of amazing four legged species that are sometimes or more over most of the times way better than the two legged species.

They are not dogs but are divine souls. They give all that they have expecting nothing in return. They listen to you irrespective of what you are talking though they don’t understand a thing. They share in your joys and comfort you during tough times. They’ll always protect you, even if was to risk their own lives. They know if you love them. They don’t really care if you don’t talk to them, but when you do, that’ll be the best. They don’t mind living anywhere as long as they have YOU.

Every morning I meet a lot of them, and each time I approach them they are so happy like they’ve known me since ages, which is not the case with most people. They are reliable, faithful and their love is unconditional. They make the most important piece of most of our lives, PEACE. With them around you’ll forget what stress actually meant, and look at the better and brighter side of life. They understand people better than any psychiatrist. All that they lack is speech.

I once had a debate with my teacher at school, as to whether dogs have souls, they definitely do, infact purer ones. Every being has a soul, that’s how they live! The world is the best place to live, if YOU make it one.


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