some of my initial poems!!

So I started writing when I was about 8, but then i wrote my first poem when i was in high school, so here is a glimpse of a few of them.

This poem was written while penny was giving birth.

Fair Faithful Friend

Ever thought about how it feels to have a friend?

Well, here’s a friend who’ll love you till the end!

She’s a four legged buddy,

To love you, she’s always ready.

        Be it mid day or mid night, she’d always wait for me,

        The happiest or saddest moment, at my side she’d always be!

        She’d chase the bandits away

        Becoming a better watchman day by day.

She’d play ball, to make me happy, even if she’s tired,

I’d feel, she’s the only one who was never hired!

She’d make me warm and cozy, even if I didn’t have a sweater,

With her warmth, I’d feel a sweater was never better!!

        As days passed she wasn’t as excited as she was,

        I guess, ‘Age’ was the cause,

        Her food changed from a bowl to a cup

        Yet waiting for me she’d never give up

She began banging against things,

Couldn’t recognize me, even after three blinks

She couldn’t hear me at the door,

I could see her whining to the core.

        On this unusual day, the day she acted weird,

        She spent the night under my bed, excited and unprepared

        At dawn, I found her at the waiting for me,

        As I went closer, I saw that it could never again be.


This poem was written for mother’s day 2012


She welcomed us onto this planet, with a smile on her face

After keeping us safe and warm in her case

We uttered her name the first

Until we grew up, us, she nursed

         Indeed she was our first teacher

         Before we went to any preacher,

         She tolerated anything we did,

         From us, the baddies she absolutely hid.

For us, she’d sacrifice anything

Even though sleepy, to comfort us, she would sing

She’s our only defender and protector on earth

No matter, if we are first or fourth

         Be it animal or human, her love is forever pure

         Even the deadliest wound, it would cure

         There could be no one to replace her

         This angel in human form called, Mother.


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